A Skeptic’s Tale

Phil Plait currently has a post up on his blog challenging readers to share their journeys to skepticism…in the length of a tweet. I don’t have a Twitter account (nor do I ever intend on starting one) so I’m not eligible to share mine with the rest of his readers, but I thought I’d take a crack at it anyways. He asks that it be succinct and witty and/or poignant. So here’s my attempt:

I believed the tales when I was young. But majoring in Astronomy was a lot more fun.

I can’t say I’m totally happy with it. I feel it could be wittier, and I’m not sure if it really gets the point across. Perhaps some revision is in order. As far as length goes, I’m totally proud. It’s 85 characters long counting spaces and 68 not counting! I think I should get some kind of award for succinctness. :p

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